About Us

The mission of Sithole Attorneys is to become a national company, utilizing the full resources of law to become the market leader in providing litigation services, legal solutions, remedies and advice.

To accomplish this, the firm will combine high-quality workmanship with accessible costs in the fraternity.

In ensuring the accomplishment of the missions of Sithole Attorneys, the objectives of the legal team include:

• To be successful legal experts;
• To provide efficient services to the community and the business society;
and maintaining the principle of Batho Pele, in line with the government institutions;
• To rebuild the trust in the legal process of disputes;
• To be part of the growing legal business sector;
• To maintain the highest of ethical standards;


At Sithole Attorneys we see ourselves as a light that can bring about positive change, knowledge, justice and a better understanding of the law and the legal process to the people and colleagues.

Community involvement

The firm is very much involved in assisting in community development projects,
workshops and activities, which currently include:

– Assisting ProBono.org with matters for the indigent;
– Running the Pro Bono Domestic Violence Help Desk once a week;
– Community radio talk show;
– Community development workshops on legal issues.